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winamp spielt: Donots - Room with a view

Come, take a breath
Make this moment last
Be here right now
This is the place and time
Forget the world
And leave it all behind

It doesn't take a word
And all i need to know is here
There's comfort in the silence
When you're near

Give me shelter
When the day comes
Crashing down on me
I'll tide you over
I will give you
Everything (you need)

Let's take a breath
It might be our last one
Make this moment last
Make it the best one
We'll find ourselves
Finding something new
Feels good to share
A room with a view

ich fühl mich in meine kindheit zurück versetzt. back to the roots eben!
29.4.07 20:12


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becks / Website (29.4.07 21:57)
die sind doof!
die kommen zu rheinkultur dieset jahr. wäh.

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